2WR954, Darryle

CB and Amatuer Radio

About Me

I enjoy radio communication both on 11Meter as well as the Amateur bands.  I am a licensed General Class Ham but I started on CB.  I have been into radios since the mid-80's.  I started out just talking then got into repairs.   I am a self taught technician.  I love the older hybrid gear.  I really enjoy working on the tube type amplifiers. 

I run a Uniden Grant XL for CB.  A Galaxy DX88HL and a 4 pill for 10 meter.  Kenwood TS520S and a Henry 2K4 for HF Ham bands.  Yaesu FT2800M for 2 meters and an Alinco DJ580T for 70CM. In the mobile, I run a Kenwood TS480HX, Scorpion Screwdriver Antenna with Turbo Tuner module for 10 - 80 meters, a separate 1/4 wave steel whip for 6 meter, a Yaesu FT8800R dual bander with a Jetstream 2M/70cm 440 antenna.   

I enjoy talking with anyone who also enjoys good clean communication.  Hope to hear you soon on DX.  73



                                  My Station

This is my antenna set-up 

                                                       My Radio Station


                         My Repair Work Station


 My foot

warmer Henry 2K4 Export Model


                                      2WR954 mobile